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TIPS Construction Project Spotlights

Coryell Roofing and Construction

Fort Smith Public Schools - Fort Smith, AR

Project Overview:

  • A new mechanically attached roof system over ½” gypsum to provide a severe hail rated system
  • The system was installed over the existing metal roof system providing a watertight 20 year warranty without any disruption to the construction going on inside
  • New gutters for proper water control

“Coryell was engaged at the end of October by Fort Smith School District to help out with an immediate need at the Peak Innovation Center: the school needed 175,000 square feet of roofing put on inside of 2 months in an industry that was seeing lead-times for materials ranging from 3 months to a full year.  Utilizing our partnership with Duro-Last as well as TIPS to contract the project quickly, Coryell moved forward securing the materials needed and getting to work.  With a January 1st deadline Coryell started laying materials on the 13th of December and punched out their final finish detail on December 27th – 14 working days to cover 3 football fields of roof!  For Coryell, this project exemplified the motto: The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer!” Keenan Young, Coryell Roofing and Construction, General Manager

“I was opening a school, running into some supply issues, and was not going to meet the deadline for a sizable roofing project. I met Coryell Roofing at a conference, listened to their presentation, and told them about a critical timeline situation that I was in – they said they might be able to help. We set up a meeting, and Coryell claimed they could meet the timeline. They exceeded what they claimed. Coryell obtained the material and installed a massive roof in about three weeks. It was incredible how they kept me abreast of any potential problems; Coryell had more than one solution ready if a situation could arise. I was in the process of managing 130-million-dollar capital improvement projects; they completely took that portion of the roofing project off my plate.” Shawn Shaffer, Supervisor of Facilities at Fort Smith Public Schools