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Proposal Support

In order to meet compliance requirements to TIPS JOC Contract Pricing, suppliers are required to provide compliant RS Means Line Item Pricing.  If a supplier does not have the resources to provide this documentation, they can enlist a third party company to perform these services.

PH2 Solutions is a company that provides third party review of supplier proposals using RS Means or Xactimate (where applicable).  This allows our suppliers to be more efficient and provides agencies with peace of mind that when they contract with a TIPS supplier, the TIPS compliant process is what they will receive.  By sending Purchase Orders into TIPS via email,, a thorough compliance process takes place.

When you enlist PH2 Solutions to provide this service, you will need to supply the following:

  • Proposal submitted to agency that lists scope of work or specification and TIPS Contract Number. This is to include all fees, permits, bonds, etc.
  • Takeoff or estimate of project that includes the following:
    • Labor hours, separated by task
    • Bare costs of materials
    • Equipment being used or rented
    • Bond cost
    • Permit cost
    • Drawings (if available)
  • Payment is due upon the completion of the third party verification package
  • Price list is available upon request

To learn more, contact Heath Hinton at PH2 Solutions (903) 573-4901.