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TIPS Construction Project Spotlights

E3 Entegral Solutions for Royal ISD

Project Overview: 

Falcon team members Christi Ginn and Derrick Dabney were invited to join Centerpoint Energy at their February 2023 SCORE/CitySmart kickoff luncheon at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Royal ISD was presented with a 2022 “Top Performer” award and was listed in 6th place on the Top 10 for peak demand savings. Also in attendance were representatives from E3, who is partnering with Royal on the lighting and HVAC upgrades across the district. Derrick Dabney, RISD Maintenance, and Jason Walding of E3 worked with an outside contractor to change over 9,000 fixtures. The Centerpoint team presented programs designed to incentivize efficient energy usage. Also presented were practical ways to reduce energy uses and reduce costs.

Royal has been enrolled in the program since March 2022 and is projected to produce over $2 million in energy savings over the next 15 years. E3 originally estimated around $116,000 in annual utility savings to Royal ISD when we proposed the project at the beginning of last year. This includes all of the lighting, HVAC, and controls work in the project. This is an annual savings number, so Royal ISD should see this benefit for 10-15 years.

As a result of the resulting energy savings and the LED lighting upgrades, Centerpoint presented Royal ISD with a check for $154,749.65 at the March 20 regular school board meeting. The lighting project is complete, and Royal ISD is seeing the savings for these improvements. The HVAC and controls projects are in progress and the District will start to see savings upon completion.

Quote from Vince Zubicek, E3 Business Development Manager:

“Royal ISD is a growing district with great leadership and an exciting future. E3 is blessed to partner with Royal ISD to improve their facilities and provide the best possible learning environment for RISD students. Utilizing TIPS to procure the job was efficient and seamless and set the tone for a successful project.”  

“The LED transformation went exceptionally smoothly, with E3 leading the way. It exceeded my expectations from the planning perspective to actual boots on the ground. TIPS’s purchasing process was very easy to navigate, and I look forward to working with them again. Royal ISD has a bright future, thanks to E3 & TIPS!”

Derrick Dabney, Director of Operations at Royal ISD