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TIPS Construction Project Spotlights

Safe Air UV LLC for Giles County School District

Project Overview: 

Safe Air UV LLC provided Giles County Board of Education with Germicidal UV-C lamps that  emit a band of germ-killing light safely above the heads of the occupants in the room. A Boston University study showed that UVC was effective to reduce SARS-CoV-2 “below detectable levels” in as little as 4 seconds. The great part about UV is it doesn’t matter what pathogen, UV penetrates the cellular wall and disables it from the inside out without any byproducts whatsoever (when using the correct wavelength lamps of course).  

Safe Air UV LLC also offers an in-duct UV to help with facility-wide protection. In the HVAC, it also kills and prevents growth on the HVAC cooling coils so they’ll never have to clean that coil again.  Plus it has an energy-only ROI of about 3-5 years because the units can run so much more efficiently.  

Lastly they provide portable UV (The EDU) units that can disinfect an entire classroom from most virus and bacteria by more than 99% in under 5 minutes.  

Quote from Adam Skelton, President of Safe Air UV LLC:

“This wouldn’t have been possible to get done within their tight timing goals for their school year, if it weren’t for TIPS.  We are all extremely grateful for your program.” 

“Purchasing through TIPS offered access to competitive pricing which enabled our district to ensure funds were spent in the most careful manner possible.  The process was streamlined and purchasing was expedited using the TIPS process. The timeliness of this project was crucial since we wanted to have it completed prior to the beginning of the new school year.” 

Dr. Vickie Beard, Giles County Board of Education Director of Schools