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TIPS Construction Project Spotlights

Smith Site Development for the City of Binghamton

Project Overview: 

The City of Binghamton (New York) Fire Department worked with Smith Site Development, LLC to address deficiencies at multiple stations through the TIPS Coop program.  The deficiencies identified by the city ranged from exterior improvements including roofing replacement, masonry restoration, and exterior hardscape, to interior improvements of spaces that had deteriorated in some cases due to exterior system failures.   Also, other systems were looked at including emergency power and conditioning of air within living and apparatus spaces.   Smith developed costs for the various items and then the city prioritized which projects would proceed, considering the costs and what would fit within the allowable funding to address the highest priority items. 

 A summary of items completed include:

  1. Removing and replacing an asphalt shingle roof system
  2. Removing and replacing an EPDM roof system
  3. Raking out and repointing exterior brick façade at multiple stations
  4. Removal and replacement of exterior windows and doors
  5. Providing emergency back-up generators at multiple stations
  6. Installation of new kitchen exhaust system
  7. Installation of heat pump systems at multiple stations to address air quality in living quarters and apparatus spaces
  8. Replacement of severely deteriorated cast iron condensate return piping at one station
  9. Gutting and reconstructing a gang toilet room including multiple showers
  10. Updating deteriorated flooring at stairs, corridors and sleeping quarters


Quote from Mike Neilson, Internal Operations Manager for Smith Site Development: 

“We successfully completed these tasks using the TIPS Cooperative, which provided the flexibility necessary to refine scopes to meet the highest priority needs, and remain within the city’s available funding, and established time frames.”

“Smith Site Development provided the flexibility and cost savings to accomplish a number of upgrades in a very short period of time. Beyond ensuring projects were completed on budget, the cooperative allowed municipal leaders to make real-time decisions when conditions or priorities change in a project. It was critical to get these fire station upgrades done and support our first responders in the City of Binghamton.”

Mayor Jared M. Kraham of Binghamton, New York